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Recently I was asked how come I don’t have any photos of my beautiful, sweet, magical daughter on my website and I really don’t know how to answer that! The truth is that I have taken thousands of photos of my 23-month-old Abby. Some of them only my dear husband has ever seen, as I am always cautious not to become one of those parents that forces people to look at countless photos of their little ones. Not that I have anything against photos! 😉 But when I can snap off 45 shots of her just watching Sesame Street on her little tiny bean bag, it can be a little much!

That said, here are some of my favorites shots of my little cookie. She’s amazing, you know. She smiles and she cuddles and she gives me kisses and her Daddy and I just think she’s MAGIC. A Blessing. Ok, must stop gushing and show some photos!

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