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About Me

I saw this one of my favorite photographers‘ blog so I thought I would try it:

I AM … happy. A little sick, but happy.
I WANT… to finally finish updating my website.
I HAVE … frogs in my yard. Ew.
I KEEP … buttons. Shopping bags. Magazine cutouts.
I WISH I COULD … go swimming with Abby more often.
I HATE … selfish people. Putting laundry away.
I FEAR … missing out on special moments with my daughter.
I HEAR … Frogs.
I DON’T THINK … I ever knew how much my mom meant to me until Abby was born.
I REGRET … losing touch.
I LOVE … my husband, my daughter, my sisters, my parents. My job.
I AM NOT … getting enough sleep.
I DANCE … all the time. Abby loves it.
I SING … only as a whisper. Mostly to Sin Bandera.
I NEVER … carry a purse.
I RARELY … reboot my laptop. My husband is not happy about this.
I AM NOT ALWAYS … a great mom.
I HATE THAT … I am not always a great mom.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … what song to use on my site.
I NEED … to feel better soon.
I SHOULD … really get more sleep.

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