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I really can’t believe our baby boy is five weeks old!  Though he stayed at the hospital a little bit longer than the usual newborn, we are so happy to have him home and getting used to life being a family of four.

I know it has taken me a while to share a photo of him, but believe me I have been shooting him LOTS.  With my big camera, with my little camera, with my iPhone… Poor kid doesn’t know he’s in for a lifetime of a camera pointed at him!  Ha!

I am so excited to be getting back to the swing of things next week!  I have editing to finish up and designing to dig into and I’m so looking forward to my first shoot back next weekend (Hi Kristen & Sean!).

I leave you with some photos of my tiny man.

He is so adorable.  And squishy.  And perfect.  And I just like to stare at him and nibble on his cheeks. 

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