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Looking Back at 2010 and Excited for 2011!

A couple of weeks ago I started putting together a post with my favorite photos from 2010.  About a third through I realized that I have way too many favorites from the 27 weddings and countless sessions we did!  So I decided instead to ask our 2010 brides to let me know which were THEIR favorite photo from their wedding to share with you.

I love that so many brides responded with several favorites because they couldn’t narrow them down to one either!  😀

To our 2010 brides: THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us capture your wedding day!  I feel so blessed to have met so many amazing people and have made some great friends along the way!

To our 2011 brides; Kate, Amanda, Katie M., Carla, Becky, Chrissy, Julie, Blair, Tessa, Catherine, Katie H., Chrishawn, Kristen, Amanda, Damaris, Katie W., Annie, Tamela and Sheri: I can’t wait to get started and make some great images together!  2011 is going to be a great year!

Here are some of the chosen favorites from our 2010 brides.  Enjoy!

John & Kerry

“We love it because it so us – and amazing! Every time we see the pictures we both get a big ole smile on our faces” -Kerry

Marcus & Corrie

Bart & Katie

David & Francesca

Chris & Beth

Rob & Chasidy

“I love this picture because it looks like a magazine cover. The vines in the background make it look like we are in a forest and the coloring is so pretty. This was one our first pictures alone with no one else around so it was an exciting and memorable moment.” -Chasidy

Clint & Shannon

Clint & Tracy

“I love this picture because it’s so ‘real’ it captures exactly how we were both feeling at that moment and when I look at it, it takes me back to that giddy feeling of excitement of seeing each other for the first time. I also love Clint’s reaction here” -Tracy

Matt & Cassie

“It is so hard to pick just one but this one in the ceremony is one of our favorites. The looks on our faces are priceless and capture the joy and excitement of the moment perfectly :)”

Bill & Deni

Brad & Michelle

“We specifically chose to take pictures at the Texas State Fair because the old-school games and flashback-to-your-childhood-fun really sums up both of our personalities.  We love the smell of the food, the bright colors, and the smiles on everyone’s faces when they are there, and we make a point to visit each year.  This photo perfectly captured all of that wrapped up in our wedding day – and just cause you’re in a wedding dress doesn’t mean you can’t have the most fun ever!” -Michelle

Bernie & Lauren

“I really adore this photo because it captured the spirit of our wedding.  The boys were being their fun, goofy selves and my mom was casting her joyous “Glinda’ spell over everyone! There couldn’t be any better visual proof of how perfect the day was.” -Lauren

Erin & Amanda

“Erin and I discussed what our favorite pic was, and we chose my bridal portrait. Erin chose my portrait because “It’s hot and sexy!!” I chose it because it is the most magnificent pic that has ever been taken of me and it makes me look like a movie star!” -Erin

Dustin & Sarah

“This is our absolute favorite because it is totally old-school, vintage looking.  That was the theme of our wedding :).  Not to mention… Cristina makes us look good 🙂 Love, love, love” – Sarah

Garry & Cheyenne

“My favorite photo was the one you took of me and my dad dancing. Every time I look at it, I cry. That was one of those moments that I had dreamed of all of my life and that picture perfectly captures exactly how I imagined that moment would be. As we danced, he was holding me so tight I could hardly breathe and he held me like that the entire time. His face conveys what I imagine he was feeling at that moment: joy, peace, immense love. I’m just glad you got that shot of him because if you had taken it of my face it would have showed a blubbering mess!” -Cheyenne

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  • Kerry

    We are so very lucky to have you, Cristina! Thanks for everything and always being so amazing 🙂

  • Erin

    You have the most amazing, beautiful and fun couples! I’ve loved seeing all of these! Great job, Cristina…can’t WAIT to see what 2011 holds for Wisner Photo…and the Wisner Family!

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