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Ok, so you know how I went to Vegas last month to a photographer’s convention? Well, I decided not to bring my ‘big’ camera and just bring my little Olympus 1030 sw (which I love!). On the third day we were there my Love Affair gal pals invited me to come along on a shoot with them and and here I was with no professional equipment on me. So my dear friend Julie let me borrow her equipment!!! Yes, this was a huge awesome gesture from Julie and I was so thankful! So along I came with a Canon camera (I’m a Nikon sort of girl) and a was a little nervous to use a Canon for the first time but I really liked it! Not going to switch or anything crazy like that but it was pretty cool.

Here are a few of the photos I managed to get. I only shot about 30 frames and I wasn’t going to share at all, but I had to say thank you to Jules for being there for me.

The bottom one is from my little camera. 🙂

Misty & Brandi doing their thing.

Our little Vegas crew! (Plus Linda, who took the pic)

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