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Wedding: Bryan & Rachel (Flying V Ranch}

2014-11-25_0016I am so lucky. So lucky.

Though I must admit, I couldn’t really sleep the night before Bryan & Rachel’s wedding. Yep. After photographing 400+ weddings I still get butterflies, still get that “ah! let’s do this!” feeling and I was extra excited that day. I wanted to call Rachel the morning of her wedding and just have a girly squealing time together. Maybe I did actually… Yes it is because they’re both really awesome outstanding individuals whom so many love greatly, but really it’s because MY WORD they are SO SO SOOOO right for each other.

I am honored to have been there. But truly I’m lucky to call them friends.

A big thank you to her wonderful florist, Diane France with Fleurs De France for all the pretty flowers you’re about to see!


First look!2014-11-25_00112014-11-25_00122014-11-25_00132014-11-25_0014




That was a neat sequence. Ha!2014-11-25_00232014-11-25_00242014-11-25_00252014-11-25_00262014-11-25_00282014-11-25_00272014-11-25_00292014-11-25_00302014-11-25_0031

A little private moment among the wedding party. Loved this.2014-11-25_00322014-11-25_0033

Love. Love. Love.2014-11-25_0034

Ok seriously. I loved all the details!2014-11-25_00352014-11-25_0036

This little guy really made me jump when he just, well, jumped into my shot. Thank goodness for Efra and his bug catching skills! Otherwise this one would have hopped away with Rachel’s bling!


I love this shot and the way it shows off the details in her gown!2014-11-25_00402014-11-25_0039

First dance sweetness.2014-11-25_0041

Father & daughter. Love.2014-11-25_00422014-11-25_00432014-11-25_00442014-11-25_0045

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