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Wedding: Kristin & Adam {The Room on Main}


I don’t think a moment went by during Kristin & Adam’s wedding when I wasn’t smiling huge. When anyone wasn’t smiling huge! It was just perfect. Every element a photographer could look for in a wedding was there! Adam is so crazy about Kristin, and she is such a beautiful beautiful person. I am so glad their wedding day turned out so perfect because I feel like their love needed to be celebrated like this, you know?


Loved Adam’s reaction to his bride!2014-07-30_00092014-07-30_00102014-07-30_00112014-07-30_00122014-07-30_00132014-07-30_00142014-07-30_00222014-07-30_00162014-07-30_00172014-07-30_00152014-07-30_00182014-07-30_00212014-07-30_00192014-07-30_00202014-07-30_00252014-07-30_00232014-07-30_00262014-07-30_00272014-07-30_00292014-07-30_00312014-07-30_00322014-07-30_00332014-07-30_00302014-07-30_00342014-07-30_00352014-07-30_00362014-07-30_00372014-07-30_00382014-07-30_00392014-07-30_00402014-07-30_00412014-07-30_00422014-07-30_00432014-07-30_00442014-07-30_00452014-07-30_0046

I loved the bond between Adam and his mom. This photo gave me chills. 2014-07-30_00472014-07-30_00482014-07-30_00502014-07-30_00492014-07-30_00512014-07-30_00522014-07-30_0053

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