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Wedding: Todd & Brittany {Grandview, TX!}

You know when you meet someone and you know after getting to know them and then getting to meet their family, that you will always remember them?

This is Todd + Brittany.  I could tell you they love The Beatles.  Or that they are super close with their families.  Or that her dad, Buddy, married them during a ceremony that was one of the sweetest.  Or that they have a great sense of humor.  But hopefully these photos will let you in how how awesome they really are.

Ringbearer carried the rings attached to these strings.

Waiting on the sanctuary to clear!  So funny!

Brittany’s Dad was going through an eye infection during her wedding and had to wear an eye patch.  Talk about making the best out of not so ideal plans!  They brought eye patches for the whole wedding party and we had some fun!


I have no idea what Brittany told her Grandma but I bet it was good!  Ha! 😉

After the reception ended, Todd & Brittany came with Efra & I around downtown Grandview and we found some great spots for some shots of just the two of them.  Love when the wedding day allows for lots of romantics time!




This has to be one of my favorite groom portraits we’ve done.

LOVE!  You may see it hanging at the studio type of love…

Had to share this one Efra shot during the ‘making of’ the above photos!  I just love it and it makes me laugh everytime!  Brittany’s dad Buddy had to come to our rescue when we couldn’t get Brittany up on the hay bell thingy and brought us a step ladder.  Him and Todd then proceeded to give Brit a ‘boost’, if you will, and well, it was hilarious.

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