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Abby owns my heart.

If you were to look into my soul you would see various images, some still and some moving, of my girl’s smiles, frowns, laughs, thoughtfulness and just perfect beauty.  I have loved my girl from the moment I saw her floating around my belly on a sonogram and that love has grown to the purest, biggest love I have ever felt.

Imagine my surprise when I first saw Camila and a whole new spot opened up in my heart, one that I didn’t even know could fit.

I should have known.  I should have been prepared to feel this way because I know how much I love both my sisters.  I should have known that my love for them would only carry on to their babies, and boy has it ever.

I am completely enamored with our newest family member.

Friends, Camila Marie is amazing.

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  • Sumitra

    ok really–when do I get to squeeze and love on Cami?? love the pic of Abby just watching Cami sleep

  • Rach

    Insanely beautiful and amazing. Seriously, how much love can a heart hold? 😉

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