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Engaged: Alex & Sheva

Top ten reasons this session rocked:
1. They brought props.
2. One of said props was a picnic basket with food and they shared said food with me.
3. First time I ever had an alcoholic beverage during any session I’ve ever done.
4. Sheva has an amazing smile and Alex knows how to make it appear on her face.
5. We may have gotten a little lost during our session (SORRY!) but ended up finding a new shooting spot for me that I loved!
6. We were kicked out of a site. I know, that sounds bad but Sheva’s building reaction inside the car trying to get Alex to get back in the car and to stop arguing with the person kicking us out made for some great laughs!!!
7. Sheva changed in the car while driving through a really nice neighborhood.
8. It’s so interesting how they seem to have different backgrounds but yet thet get each other so good! Alex knows what a lucky guy he is and Sheva looks at him like she’s going to melt any second.
9. I laughed so hard during this session. It’s not even funny. Ok, it is.
10. I am looking so much forward to their wedding in July and just seeing them again.

Sheva’s smile just lights up her whole face. She is such a bright spirit.

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