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Engaged: Ray & Julie

“You’re touching my teeth” -Julie

“I bruise easily, wanna see my love bruise?” -Ray

“You’re officially a 70-year old man” -Julie

“But it makes me look like Clark Kent” -Ray
“In your dreams, Ray” -Me

“They’re on your face, over your mask” -Julie

“You’re lying and she’s a good actress” -Ray

“Here comes the train!” -Me
” . . . . . ” -Julie & Ray

“She still calls him Papi” -Julie

“Oh look, a dead bird”-Ray

Ray, Julie, did I forget anything? I laughed so hard during this session. I love these two! We just shot their wedding this weekend and I can’t even begin to say how perfect it was. They met me at the studio a couple of weeks ago for their engagement session and yeah, it was way too much fun. Love my job!

LOVE. Gonna frame it and put it in my office type o’ LOVE.

Lucky find.
Love. Lots.
Sorry, Julie. But this is what a woman does for their love.

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  • Kristy

    Ray & Julie Rock!!!! Wisner Photography Rocks their face off!!! Love all the pictures. Can't wait to see the ones from the wedding!

  • Misty

    I like this session! Love the camera shots.

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