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Things I love…

Sometimes it feels like God taps me on the shoulder and reminds me how blessed I am. I know it sounds corny, but I am so grateful for so many things in my life I decided to share with you
things that I love, things that make me smile.

#1 My Abby has started attending a ‘school’ twice a week at our church and she has suddenly learned a bunch of words! She is forming long sentences and communicating so much! I love that my sweetie is really developing into a little girl and now that she talks so much it’s like I get a whole new insight into her thoughts! She is so fun right now!!! I can not wait for her to wake up in the morning to see what she’ll say next!

#2 I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new studio. It is almost ready and I just love being there! I love my studio partners (Becca & Kerrie from A Stylish Soiree) and I love that it is so close to so many great shooting locations.

#3 It is almost officially Fall! I know that we live in Texas and it won’t really start feeling like Fall until November, but Fall is my favorite season! I have already started thinking of Halloween customes for my pumpkin! I love the colors, I love that my favorite shows are coming back after a long summer (The Office & Grey’s Anatomy & Lost) and I love that I get to start shooting family sessions soon for Christmas cards!

#4 As soon as they walked out the door I wished I had taken a photograph of them so I could post it on the blog. I love, love my newest couple clients. Katherine and Jake! They are so fantastic! I love it when I meet new clients and they make me thank goodness again and again that I have the job I do. I love it. We all just chatted and chatted during our first meeting and Jake did not even check out (ok, some guys do, especially when we start talking about dresses and flowers and the like), he was so charming and fun to be around. It is just a bummer that I have to wait until next April to photograph their assuredly gorgeous wedding!

#5 My newest lens! Did you think I could go without talking shop? It’s a beaut! It’s a Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR. It is amazing! We have used it at a couple of weddings now and we love it already. I don’t think Efrain used another lens all evening!

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